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    LS800 Inverter

    Model No.: LS800 Flux Vector Drive

    Introductiom :

    ◆With digital operator, can perform duplication
     function and parameter saving function
    ◆Auto-Tune parameter of motors with precision
    ◆Can input parameters automatically or manually
    ◆Speed errors within±1r.p.m
    ◆In Standstill Position, rotational torque output
     100% in speed zero
    ◆2 sets of multi-function PID setting
    ◆16 sets of speed, 8 for PLC compilation and the
     other 8 for terminal compilation
    ◆1 set of multi-function Counter function
    ◆Built-in intelligent multi-functional parameter
     group specialized for water pump
    ◆Can perform 4 quadrant rotational torque control
    ◆Can perform fixed current and fixed rotational
     torque, and fixed tension control
    ◆Speed and rotational torque commands are set
     and controlled by VR individually
    ◆S curve, linear curve and V/F curve
    ◆Slip and rotational torque are compensated
    ◆AVR automatic voltage regulator control
    ◆Power saving control system with high efficiency



    •Middle/low-speed passenger elevator


    Metal processing machinery

    Drilling machine

    Woodcarving machine

    Wastewater treatment systems

    Crane hoisting

    Elevator and escalator


    200V SERIES

    400V SERIES